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Our mission is to reinstate 5 day full time, in-person learning for D304 students.

This is a place for Geneva 304 parents to come together and be informed of current district policies, decisions, and Board of Education (BOE) meetings. 

This is a place to find ways to advocate to the BOE and administration on behalf of your children/students in pursuit of the best educational outcome which is driven by continuity and consistency.

This is a place to exchange information and ideas on how to have your voice heard by BOE and administration. 

We need to come together as a community to solve the barriers that are keeping our kids out of school for full time in-person education. COVID is not going away, no matter how much we want it to. Private schools and surrounding districts are in person full-time successfully and we can do it too. Let's work together.

Make your voice heard

Be Informed

Join us in our efforts to help our children.

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from 2/22


Emily, a parent in D304, spoke on the February 22nd show. She

speaks at the 47 minute mark


Emily, a parent in D304, spoke on the February 22nd show. She

speaks at the 47 minute mark




from 3/8

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photo credit to Shaw Media- Sandy Bressner


Attend Board of Education Meetings

Click here to be brought to the District 304 Board of education website for the schedule of meetings, agendas and information packets for future meetings, and published minutes and videos from past meetings. 

The Board President has told us that we need to show up to the meetings or run for the Board if we want our voices heard.

Next meeting is Monday, March 22nd at 7PM

at 227 North 4th Street

Use these email templates to contact D304 board of education, our Superintendent, and the Assistant Superintendents to voice your support for your children's right to in-person education.

Sign our online petition

Circulate our Geneva residents only petition in your neighborhood

Email us at GenevaParentsUnited@gmail.com if you can help us get signatures for a Geneva resident only petition. Our goal is 2,000 signatures by the next board meeting on 3/8.

Have you voice heard!

Use these email templates to contact your Illinois State Representative, Senator, and Governor with your concerns about your children only being offered hybrid learning or full remote education.

Our Initiatives

Community Forum

Join our Facebook page to share current information and ideas, discuss current district policies, and BOE and administration decisions.

We need the board to represent us and our children.

In person education is imperative for our children's success and well-being.

The school board's decision to take away in-person learning days on Fridays without parental input did not go unnoticed.

BOE video links

3/8/21 BOE meeting started with BOE president Taylor Egan asking parents to stop emailing and calling (around the 3 minute mark) as they need to have the "time and energy to get this job done [returning kids full time to school]."

Mrs. Egan also reports that they "started the process by sending out a survey as promised early on in August 2020." Geneva Parents do ask how did it take 7 months to put this highly biased survey together? 

At around the 0700 mark Superintendent Mutchler talks about the task force planning showed that they were planning. Geneva parents didn't hear any plans being made, only excuses and reasons why plans would not work.

Some people in the community started talking around the 10 minute mark about how the district shouldn't spend money on reopening our public schools full-time in person for our school children in D304. 

At the 1:55:00 minute mark you can hear the BOE and superintendent's statements on parent's public comments. You need to listen.

On 2/22 there was another BOE meeting where 18 parents held D304 accountable for their inability to communicate a plan to the community for returning students to return to school 5 days a week. In response at 1:29, the BOE President reported there will be a "public virtual meeting" where "every stakeholder within the district is represented." Left out of the list of people being represented were students and parents. The meeting will discuss "possibilities, options, and obstacles."

On 2/8/2021 there was another BOE meeting where parents voiced their concerns again after a call for a face to face meeting with the BOE going unheard. You can listen below. The GEA President speaks at the

48 minute mark and a BOE member responds to

our statements at 0:58.

On January 11th, 2021 the BOE and administration announced that all Fridays this Spring semester would change from in-person learning to remote and cited "positive feedback" from families. A FOIA request was filed and there was no data or information found to back up the claim of "positive feedback." 

Concerned parents went to the next BOE meeting on 1/25 to voice their concerns. You can listen below. The BOE president and another member responded to our concerns starting at the 1 hour mark.

12/5/2020 Special BOE meeting where a

BOE member reports "I am not comfortable with people being in school" at 26 minutes.

Upcoming Events


Parents and students who want in-person education should be heard

Call to Action

​We call on you, the school board, to share your re-opening plans for full time in-person schooling with our community.  The plan specifics should be well underway at this point.  Frankly, we feel alarmed, due to your recent decision to take away in-person school days that the board and district are moving in the opposite direction from the “completely in-person learning” that the Illinois State Board of Education, CDC, AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) are recommending for the education and well-being of our children, your students.

  • Our mission is to reinstate 5 day full time, in-person learning for D304 students.

  • A roundtable meeting with the school board and parents to address immediate steps towards reopening schools for full-time in-person instruction. As of now, we have been left out of the discussion.

  • We are calling for a voice on the board as we are critical stakeholders in our children's education. We want inclusion in the BOE's private "working group."

  • We are calling for a committee of parents to work with the BOE and administrators to help assure our kids can get back into school safely for full-time learning.

Kelly Vanderploeg Photography


Kelly Vanderploeg Photography

School Supplies

CDC information

Links to 3 different CDC webpages featuring guidelines for how to set up a

classroom for 6 feet when possible; also strategies, and guidelines to

decrease covid.

If modified classroom structures do not

support social distancing of at least

6 feet, consider assigned seating

policies or placing students in learning

pods so exposures are limited and

better documented

ISBE information

Link to executive order from 6/4/2020 allowing "schools to reopen for in-person instruction. In-person instruction is strongly encouraged in Phase 4" and "require social distancing b observed, as much as possible." "If possible, rearrange desks to that there is a 6-foot distance in all directions."

AAP information

2 important links to AAP regarding the "conflict between optimal academic and social/emotional learning in schools and strict adherence to current physical distancing guidelines...For example, the CDC recommends that schools space desks at least 6 feet apart when feasible. Schools should weigh the benefits of strict adherence to a 6-feet spacing rule between students with the potential downside if remote learning is the only alternative." "...desks should be placed at least 3 feet of distance apart and ideally 6 feet apart."

WHO information

Link to Hygiene and daily practices at the school and classroom level: Physical distancing of at least 1 metre between individuals including spacing of desks, frequent hand and respiratory hygiene, age-appropriate mask use, ventilation and environmental cleaning measures should be in place to limit exposure. Schools should...develop a schedule for daily cleaning and disinfection of the school environment, facilities and frequently touches surfaces, and ensure availability of hand hygiene facilities and national/local guidance on the use of masks.


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